Production Agreement

All cast and crew members are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Respect, courtesy, and professionalism are expected of all cast and crew members of this production at all times. Cast and crew are expected to respect each other’s time and efforts, and to arrive at rehearsal fully prepared and ready to pay full attention to the work at hand. No one is to participate under the influence of alcohol or other restricted substances not prescribed by a doctor.
  2. The rehearsal schedule will be posted on the LALO website and emailed to all cast and crew members. It is the responsibility of the cast and crew to know when and where they are called for rehearsal and to arrive early. Rehearsal will start on time.
  3. Absences from rehearsals due to emergencies or illness must be communicated to the Stage Manager and Director as soon as they are known. Conflicts not listed on the audition form cannot be accommodated. Repeated absences and tardiness will result in an actor or crew member’s dismissal from the production.
  4. Rehearsals are not for individual actors to learn their parts, they are for learning how all of the parts fit together. Actors are expected to work on music and lines, and review blocking and choreography, outside of rehearsal. Outside assistance can be arranged with the production team, especially for music. Actors will be off book by the date published on the rehearsal schedule.
  5. The cast and crew will leave all rehearsal and performances spaces in the same or better condition than they found them, and will follow all rules and regulations put forth by the facilities’ management.
  6. Cast members are not to change their physical appearance substantially between casting and the end of the production without consulting the Director.
  7. Los Alamos Light Opera is community theatre, and everyone must contribute to the production process in multiple ways to help make the show a success. This includes helping backstage, set construction, promotions, strike, and generally being helpful when asked.