Cast List For DROOD

After many fine auditions, we are pleased to announce the cast for our 2013 production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood!

William Cartwright, Chairman/Sapsea: John Cullinan
Clive Paget/John Jasper: Warren Houghteling
Alice Nutting/Edwin Drood/Datchery: Rita O’Connell
Deirdre Peregrine/Rosa Bud: Christina Martos
Janet Conover/Helena Landless: Alexis Perry
Victor Grindstead/Neville Landless: Jason Rutledge
Cedric Moncrieffe/Rev. Crisparkle: Carlos Archuleta
Angela Prysock/Princess Puffer: Anna Dillane
Phillip Bax/Bazzard: Patrick MacDonald
Nick Cricker/Durdles: Patrick Webb
Nicole Cricker/Deputy: Nora Cullinan
Joyce Throttle, Stage Manager: Jim Sicilian
Florence Gill/Flo/Beatrice (Moonfall Quartet): Irene Zaugg
Isabel Yearsley/Wendy (Moonfall Quartet): Kirste Plunket
Nicholas Michael/Horace: Howard Barnum
Gwendolyn Pynn: Suzy Koehn

Dancers:  Corinne D’Andrea, Renee D’Andrea, Patrick MacDonald, Cody Maggiore, Camille Rousculp